nft Play-to-Earn Games

List of the best Crypto NFT games and how they utilize blockchain technology

While not every crypto game utilizes NFTs, they are without a doubt one of the most apparent use cases for blockchain integration and therefore currently the most common way for developers to introduce Play-to-Earn components besides fungible tokens. Considering gamers have recognized the value of digital assets in form of skins long before cryptocurrencies were a thing, NFTs in games are benefitting both adoption and users, allowing them to actually own in-game items in self-custody for the first time after years of being exposed to centralized companies’ control.

This does not only pave the way for innovations in terms of gameplay features but also finally enables players to benefit from economic aspects that have been part of many games in the past but prohibited this demand by enforcing strict regulations and forcing their users to use black markets.

NFT games not only allow these opportunities but furthermore encourage them by providing the proper infrastructure, letting players trade their NFTs on marketplaces and that way be rewarded for their invested time. With this industry still being in its early phase, models for implementations of NFTs in crypto games are still rather simple in most cases, with lots of exciting concepts to be expected in the coming years.

To find the best NFT games in terms of potential gains, it is usually recommended to look for established games that have already built a healthy economy with players regularly trading in-game assets. While some games require an initial investment to get started and earn, there are also many Free-to-Play NFT games, making the entry less risky for players and in some cases reward them with NFTs just for playing the game.

Besides popular games, it can also be worth it to look at upcoming games that are working on promising gameplay concepts and methods of blockchain integration if there are ways to get involved early on. Keep in mind that the potential risk involved here is a lot higher compared to already launched projects though as there will often be projects presenting attractive opportunities but not ending up delivering given the involved financial aspects attracting people with malicious intents.

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