Play-to-Earn Games

Which are the best blockchain games rewarding players with tokens and NFTs?

With such rapid growth in the Play-to-Earn space, it can get difficult to keep track and identify the best crypto games to get involved with. Besides many high-quality projects pioneering the next stage of gaming experiences putting in efforts in regards to both fun gameplay and well-thought-out earning mechanisms, this exciting concept also attracts less worthwhile games, making it harder to find the best Play-to-Earn games.

Beyond more obvious clues to the projects' credibility like gameplay footage, overall presentation and care put into details, it is important to perform further research by having a look at the developers' profiles, available in-depth information inside the whitepaper and other aspects like community management that help to get an idea and make a more informed decision as to whether or not that P2E game seems legit. An experienced team as well as an elaborate concept are generally a good sign, though not a guarantee the game will fulfill what is being promised.

Users who are new to blockchain games and feel uncertain as to which games to try out first should generally stick to established games that have already built functioning Play-to-Earn economies that verifiably reward players using sustainable tokenomics. Many games are Free-to-Play and therefore offer a risk-free way to get familiar with how things work. On top of that players can always seek advice in an online community, like our Play-to-Earn Subreddit or on our P2E Discord server.