Play-to-Earn Games on ethereum

List of the best crypto games on Ethereum and how they utilize blockchain technology

In 2015 the Ethereum blockchain was launched and paved the way for decentralized applications with its introduction of smart contracts. A few years later, the first crypto games for Ethereum were released, demonstrating first iterations of basic Play-to-Earn concepts. Following the more recent growth, Ethereum blockchain games have experienced rapidly increasing demand which led to more developers entering the space and starting to build projects.

Despite being unprepared for such massive growth of users that caused transaction fees to remain high until today, the Ethereum network still remains the most popular platform for P2E games and therefore offers its users the biggest games catalog compared to other blockchains. This, combined with the transitioning to Ethereum 2.0 and the ongoing launch of layer 2 solutions improving the network’s scalability, makes it one of the most promising eco-systems for crypto games in the future.

When diving into Ethereum games it’s currently important to familiarize yourself in which way the developers are integrating blockchain components as it makes a big difference regarding the involved costs players have to deal with regarding gas fees. While there are games on Ethereum that already utilize layer 2 or transition to such a model, others still run on the Ethereum mainnet and thus involve disproportionate fees for on-chain transactions.