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Genre:Battle Royale Games
Token:VOID Token ($VOID)
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What is HodlGod?

HodlGod is a PvP/PvE Battle Royale style game in a fantasy setting, where warriors battle each other for supremacy. Integrated with the WAX blockchain, NFTs are an important feature of the game, ensuring genuine player ownership of any of the in-game assets they earn. HodlGod rewards players with in-game NFT drops, making it an epic play-to-earn competitive gaming experience. HodlGod will always be play-to-earn and never pay-to-win. The epic Battle Royale game pits warriors against warriors in a fight for survival. Players who are the last warrior standing get to keep the NFTs they discovered in-game.

HodlGod’s base game mode is the Arena Mode. In this mode, you are spawned on the map with up to 30 other players. Once spawned with your swords in hand, a magical zone starts narrowing, pushing you towards your enemies. Get ready for battle!

When you enter the game, you are equipped with a set of close-combat weapons (swords, axes, maces) and a bow that you need to use to defeat your opponents. Combine your close-contact weapons, your bow, and spells to defeat your enemies and conquer all before you. Only by being the last warrior standing will you be able to claim your NFT rewards.