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Genre:Idle Games
Platforms:Android, iOS, Web Browser
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain
Developer:Elemon Team
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What is Elemon?

Elemon is an innovative game project that combines NFT technology with the new generation IDLE RPG trend. It is the IDLE mechanism of the game that will be the bright spot to help NFT gamers always stay in a leisurely state to earn a lot of money without having to plug in for hours in front of the screen, hang up overnight and damage the device.

With just a few simple steps, the player’s squad will automatically fight, even when the player is offline, the player will still receive the usual rewards. Possessing a compelling storyline with thousands of diverse NFT characters, the world of Elemon will open a meaningful journey of discovery and combat.

Players will lead their Elemons to fight to regain world peace, as well as win glory in battles with other players by arranging the appropriate squad to increase the victory rate in the war. The game is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain – a platform that features tokenized Digital creatures in a virtual universe. This leverages the unique feature of Non-Fungibility that ERC-721 offers.

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