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Blockchain Monster Hunt

Genre:Adventure Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon
Developer:BCM Innovation
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What is Blockchain Monster Hunt?

Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMH) is the world’s first multi-chain game that runs entirely on the blockchain itself. Inspired by Pokémon-GO, BCMH allows players to continuously explore brand-new locations on the blockchain to hunt and battle monsters. Each block on the blockchain is a unique digital space where a limited number of Monsters (of the same DNA gene and rarity) may exist. Players and collectors can hunt or battle for a chance to capture these unique Monsters and to earn coins.

Monsters are created in conjunction with new blocks on the blockchain, and the attributes of each new monster are based purely on the unique digital fingerprint of a specific block (i.e. the blockhash). This means that no one can predict or control the appearance and attributes of the monsters. Furthermore, this means that the size of the BCMH universe grows with the blockchain itself. As no one can predict the blockhash before the block is mined, no one (not even the game developers) have control over the monster world.

Play-to-Earn is the most attractive key value proposition of crypto games, and it’s taken to the next level in Blockchain Monster Hunt. With BCMH being a truly on-chain NFT game with most actions entirely operated on-chain, we are able to offer innovative player reward mechanisms with various unique features. At the heart of BCMH, exists the Blockchain Monsters (BCM – ERC721 NFT) and the $BCMC token.

Blockchain Monster Hunt Cryptocurrency Price Chart

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