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League Of Ancients

Genre:MOBA Games
Platforms:Android, iOS, Windows
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain
Developer:League Of Ancients Team
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What is League Of Ancients?

League of Ancients (LOA) is a MOBA NFT-game inspired by DoTA2 and League of Legends. LOA aspires to create an engaging community with a thriving economy; focusing on Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn mechanics by leveraging on blockchain technology.

A MOBA-Verse where reality and virtual worlds converge into one by allowing gaming communities, eSports ambassadors & players and game builders to build a virtual metaverse ecosystem. Bringing everyone’s gaming asset into the Ancient Realm to build an economy and community through playing League Of Ancients while monetizing your virtual experience. Immerse yourself into the first Metaverse MOBA NFT game through feeling truly present with everyone through empowering social blockchain technology within the community.

Engage in epic 5v5 strategic warfare in League of Ancients. 5 Heroes fight for Luminous and 5 for the Dark Souls. Your goal? Destroy the opposing teams Beacon of Power. Sounds easy? Maybe… Do you work as a team? Do you use terrain to your advantage? Do you strategically ambush the enemy? Do you gather gold and upgrade your heroes? Your skill, teamwork, wit and determination shall decide whether you return home a hero, or in a box…

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