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Cradles: Origin of Species

Blockchain:Ethereum, Polygon
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What is Cradles: Origin of Species?

Cradles: Origin Of Species is a blockchain game set in prehistoric times. It introduces the time and entropy system to mesh real-world time and space rules in a game for the first time. As time passes, buildings will deteriorate, NPCs will need help, and the world will require maintenance. If players don’t take responsibility, with time, the world will crumble. The game starts in the Triassic age. Players will be a Newman in the Triassic, hunting, living, and fighting against various rulers and dark creatures who want to destroy the world.

Cradles adopts a dual token economic model that combines traditional money with a cryptocurrency design. Crystals, the in-game currency, has an inflation rate controlled by smart contracts. The game will offer massive quantities of NFTs. All these props can be upgraded and combined to acquire new NFTs. Players can raise trilobites and sharks as pets, fortify weapons with strength attributes from dinosaurs, and apply countless other combinations. Endless upgrade routes exist in the Cradles.

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