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Crypto Beasts

Genre:Adventure Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Developer:Crypto Beasts Team
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What is Crypto Beasts?

CryptoBeasts delivers a unique token with novel utility. Taking inspiration from the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, the $rare-eggs token has a finite supply of 10,000. Each token is represented by an unhatched Rare Egg, which are composed of 1,000 beasts of ten different types (species).

After a period of incubation, the token holder can ‘hatch’ their $rare-egg whenever they choose, thus revealing their CryptoBeast and associated attributes / rarities. The $rare-egg also comes with a property lot in ‘Eggland’ – the setting of the CryptoBeasts video game. Distribution is distinguished from other projects by utilizing the novel methods of Non-Fungible Token Proof of Unique Identification, as well as Non-Fungible Token Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Digital Signature Algorithmic Verification. Governance and oversight are provided by a DAO which ensures decentralized decision-making authority.


Crypto Beasts Cryptocurrency Price Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the CryptoBeasts project all about?

    CryptoBeasts are a one-of-a-kind rare creature minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each creature is unique from one another with rarity varying based on attribute allocation logged on the next block in the chain. There are 10,000 available; there will never be more.

  • What can I do with my CryptoBeast once it’s hatched?

    Rare Egg holders aka CryptoBeast owners will have the ability to use the ERC-721 token within the Metaverse, Eggland! In addition, each $rare-egg serves as a governance token within the
    CryptoBeast DAO.

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