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Genre:GameFi Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain
Developer:Mezurashi Team
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What is Mezurashi?

In a changing world, the Mezurashi are revolutionizing the traditional game. These unusual monsters are NFTs and therefore of verifiable and indestructible rarity. These works are collectable, exchangeable and mergers between them. The merged card (necessarily of the same level and same rarity) will increase its level in its category.

The Mezurashi project is supported by the smart chain binance token $MEZU. The $MEZU token can be used for:

  • Buying packs and get Mezurashi
  • Staking and earning interest
  • Getting Mezurashi on the market place
  • Solidifying the project through the liquidity provided by this exchange NFT <---> $MEZU
  • Rarifying your NFT with each purchase of a pack by automatically activating a deflationary “burn” effect of the $MEZU
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