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Genre:GameFi Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain
Developer:Myōbu Team
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What is Myōbu?

Myōbu is a blockchain-based project that is building a leading GameFi ecosystem. Through its native token, holders will gain access to upcoming games, an NFT marketplace, and other on-chain products. Join our community and have fun while you play to earn.

Myōbu was inspired by the Japanese celestial fox spirits, that have white fur and full, fluffy tails. They are holy creatures, and bring happiness and blessings to those around them. Japanese influences flow throughout Myōbu products and guide our team of industry leading artists.

This eco-systems first game will be a web browser-based GameFi dapp, delivering the first experience for users to engage with DeFi features in a gamified way.

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