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Alien Worlds

Genre:GameFi Games
Platforms:Web Browser
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What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a game where you can earn Trilium ($TLM) for mining and have a chance to mine an NFT game card each time you mine. This DeFi Metaverse is a blockchain-based game and free to play for anyone. After getting a WAX Cloud Wallet login, and logging in at explorers will receive a tool to begin mining.

With the simple mining activity, one receives Trilium (TLM), a blockchain token. Trilium can be used to stake to one or more of six planets and register as a candidate to become a planetary councilor and potentially rule the planet. NFT game cards are used in new and creative ways over time, including “shining” to upgrade the cards and battling in the Thunderdome.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Land and how do I get it?

    Land is a series of NFTs in Alien Worlds which represent parcels of land on the Planets in Alien Worlds. Land is needed for mining. If you own Land, you can either mine it yourself or charge people who mine on your land commission. The only way to get land is by either buying Land packs on the secondary markets, or by buying Land NFTs from other Explorers on secondary markets.

  • What is Planetary Governance?

    Each planet is represented by 5 elected officials, the Councilors. The Councilors determine the policies running on the planet. Each planet has a Trilium fund, which is a percentage of the Trilium mined from that planet. The Councilors will decide what to do with that Trilium. They might distribute it to stakers, landowners, or miners or use it for something else that might add value to the planet.
    It is possible that elected custodians may not choose to take action that benefits those who have staked to their planet. However, once custodial elections begin, they will take place weekly. Those who become lazy or unjust may be replaced. Or, who knows? Maybe they will be celebrated!

  • What are Councilors?

    Each Planet will have its own set of Councilors, voted for by Planetary token holders. The Councilors vote on proposals for how to allocate Trilium resources and anything else the Planet wishes to do. The Councilors are voted for using DAC software similar to that in use by eosDAC, which you can see at

  • How do I run for Councilor for one of the planets?

    Explorers who wish to become a Councilor can now apply by going to the Planetary Council here. Use your WAX wallet to log-in and select the planet you want to apply to run for Councilor for. You will have to complete the registration form. The form includes spaces for a name, a link to a photo and a description of oneself and any position that the candidate would like to share.

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