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War of Crypta

Genre:Strategy Games
Platforms:Android, iOS
Blockchain:Enjin, Ethereum
Developer:Lucille Games
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What is War of Crypta?

War of Crypta allows you to build a collection of Heroes, and put them to the test in exciting Player versus Player (PvP) battles. You can have a roster of up to 4 Heroes for a live showdown against another War of Crypta player.

WoC’s battle system is intelligent: you are automatically paired to fight against another player with similar rank level. This way you are kept engaged and challenged, while assuring a great gaming experience.

However, there’s a twist to WoC’s battling system. Instead of being turn-based, your Hero’s moves will require stamina to execute. This means you’ll have to be strategic in order to win. The ultimate goal is to faint all of your opponent’s Heroes.


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