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Genre:Strategy Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Token:$ETH, $SWAY
Developer:Rise Cooperative
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What is Influence?

Influence is a play-to-earn, space strategy MMO where players own all of their content. Colonize asteroids, build infrastructure, discover technologies, engage in combat. Expand your influence across the belt.

The game is built around a finite set of 250,000 unique asteroids, each possessing a unique combination of resources and possible bonuses. Players can purchase the rights to asteroids or choose to start for free on Adalia Prime. Once a player has chosen where they’ll play, they will be able to start mining, building, and refining the material drawn up from beneath the surface of their asteroid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far along is the development and what is the roadmap?

    Development has been ongoing for roughly two years. Most of the ongoing development is focused on gameplay, and layer 1 / layer 2 interoperability in support of the Exploitation release. See the developers roadmap for more information.

  • What will the Free-to-Pay Experience be like?

    Join an alliance or start on Adalia Prime and "lease" some plots of land (many plots will likely be free to lease, with alliances charging some % of your yield in return). From there you can either acquire SWAY through purchase or essentially earn it to build up enough to start mining/refining. It will be like many free-to-play games where players who play for free will have a longer start-up time than players who purchase in-game land and or SWAY. But the beauty of this and why it is not "pay-to-win" is that all resources that you mine and all items ou create are Peer to Peer. Influence does not sell you anything other than the land in-game if you choose to buy it.

  • How can I play?

    Currently, the game is in early development. The developers have a working alpha and will be adding more features in the coming months. The first fully playable release is targeted for Q4 2021.

  • How do you earn in-game?

    In-game activity will be incentivized so simply playing (mining, building, traveling) will earn SWAY. Extracting resources and building goods will result in SWAY earnings when sold at the market. Market owners will collect fees from each trade taking place in their market. Asteroid owners may lease out plots of land on their asteroids in exchange for SWAY. Providing liquidity at markets will be incentivized in SWAY by the market owners. Actively trading and taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities can generate income in SWAY.

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