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Genre:Simulation Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Developer:RPGChain Team
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What is RPGChain?

RPGChain is a series of projects built on the Polygon (MATIC) network with the goal of building a decentralized rpg ecosystem with a table-top feel.
By utilizing the blockchain, RPGChain allows you to create unique heroes, roll provably fair 20’s, and create permanent records of your adventures. Additionally, you can use your favorite NFT from other projects to go on adventures.

The D20 token will be both the payment and reward token of RPGChain resources. While there are a number of smaller projects or mini-games that may use the RPGChain characters or assets, one of the larger projects RPGChain is working towards is a dynamic “Choose Your Own Adventure” style Quest Builder.

Along the way, the developers plan on developing additional resources for interacting with the chain, as well as benefits to providing liquidity to the D20 token.


RPGChain Cryptocurrency Price Chart

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