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Genre:Simulation Games
Platforms:Android, iOS, Web Browser
Token:$CC, $IOI
Developer:QORPO Games
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What is CyberTrade?

CyberTrade is an upgraded binary options game utilizing NFTs and $IOI token benefits. Players will join a syndicate and start creating their own story. NFT bosses unlock special skills to be used in-game to the players’ advantage. While it’s possible to play CyberTrade with fighters only, players do not have access to any special skills. The developers stress that the game is still based on how good players are with binary options trading.

Racing against other players is one of the core gameplay mechanics. Pick your driver and vehicle to start a fast-paced drag race in the city streets of Metropolit. There is a lot to choose from and each vehicle got its own unique attributes and upgrade options. This includes multiple techniques, nitro boosts and vehicle upgrades strategies.

Besides drag racing, CyberTrade will also contain fighting elements. This will involve different combat styles and weapons from which players can build their preferred strategy. This way players can win CyberCash, level up, earn respect, build their inventory and get paid with CyberCash daily.


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