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PXL Wars

Genre:Simulation Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Developer:DEADPXLZ Team
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What is PXL Wars?

The PXL Wars will be a turn-based PvP Play2Earn game where you get to customize and upgrade your Forged PXL heroes and earn rewards for winning battles and tournaments. The Alpha version of the game will be available to all users and will feature only classic 1v1 PvP battles as well as additional PvE quests which will help with level progression. The Gold version of the game will bring additional features and levels of interaction to the table and is set to launch sometime during Q3 2022.

The PXL Forge and PXL Wars Alpha will be released at the same time around Q1 2022. These will work hand in hand to deliver the first taste of the PvP Play2Earn DEADPXLZ gaming experience.
All forged PXLZ start off at level 1 and can be upgraded based on level progression. Level progression is awarded by playing the PXL Wars game, completing daily quests or participating
in special events.

Each time you level up your PXL you unlock an extra forging slot. You can assign PXL attributes to each slot. PXL attributes cost $ADA based on their rarity and add special modifiers to
your PXL’s stats. These will give you a competitive edge in battle.

PXL Wars Golden is the final and most important milestone of the DEADPXLZ project. This will allow users who forged their PXLZ to participate in a competitive Player vs. Player experience.
Playing the game will advance the level of forged PXLZ, allow users to obtain power-ups and compete for ADA prizes. The prize pool will be funded by a percentage of the PXL Forge revenue.

The Golden version of PXL Wars will bring further added value for genesis PXL holders and will get constant feature updates.

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