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Project Quantum

Genre:Shooter Games
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain
Developer:Quantum Works
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What is Project Quantum?

Project Quantum is an instanced MMOFPS focused around acquiring loot. Drop into a map alone or as part of a squad. Fight other players for their equipment, hunt powerful monsters, mine for resources and search for ancient technology. Then extract yourself before you lose it all. Project Quantum is a looter-shooter treasure hunt to the death set within a battle-royal esc format where in-game items can be crafted and traded using our own real-world currency, QBIT.

Step into the shoes (or Exo-suit) of a “Seeker” to explore a rich new sci-fi universe full of lore, mystery and danger. Meet the split-personalities of AMELIA, the former AI pilot of The Jericho, now the self declared mayor of a thriving market fortress. Venture out into the dangerous wilds to be the first to claim unique alien technology. Uncover the truth behind how Colony One met its fate at the hands of The Scythe and use that knowledge to uncover rich hidden vaults from the past.

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