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Genre:Simulation Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain
Developer:Kryptomon Team
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What is Kryptomon?

Kryptomon is an upcoming NFT Digital Pet game based on Binance Smart Chain that blends the cute and addicting gameplay of Tamagotchi and the intense strategy of Pokémon battles. In Kryptomon you will be taking care of your own digital monster called “kryptomon” and train them to become the strongest kryptomon in the Metaverse.

Kryptomons are digital collectible monsters built on the BSC blockchain. They can be bought by using the dedicated BEP20 Token ($KMON). Breed with other players to create new eggs with exciting traits and new levels of power. At launch, 10,000 unique eggs will be stored in a smart contract on the BSC blockchain.

Every egg has a unique but mutable genetic code (genotype) and a distinct visual appearance which is stored in the smart contract. The Genetic code is made up of 38 different genotypes that will determine all the aspects – both physical and behavioral – of your creature. Your kryptomon requires attention and if you fail to take regular care of it will freeze and you will need to spend $KMON to unfreeze it, and it will lose some of its stats.

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