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Platforms:Web Browser
Blockchain:Immutable X
Developer:PlanetQuest Team
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What is PlanetQuest?

PlanetQuest is a universe-spanning blockchain-based game of exploration, survival & discovery, with a decentralized storyline & a powerful Play-to-Earn economy. The game will not only allow you to live out your wildest sci-fi dreams of being a space explorer, but it will also allow you to own and eventually visit your own planet.

These planets, once discovered, will be sold as NFTs, allowing you to be the proud owner of your own little piece of galaxy. When the game is live, you’ll even be able to go down to the surface of your own planet, invite your friends and explore what your own world has to offer. Sometime during 2022, you will already be able to get a sneak peek at what is awaiting you when the game is launched.

While working together with your friends to fight threatening alien creatures and discover ancient Artifacts that might change the course of human history, you can collect the rarest substance of all: Quantum. This substance is the driving force behind the entire in-game economy that can be used for anything from buying gear to activating artifacts that can transform entire planets! Quantum is ready to be discovered by players and will serve as our game token and be at the centre of our rich economical structure.

PlanetQuest allows players to gather quantum, lend out their gear, harvest the resources of their planets, evolve and increase the value of everything they can own and basically take control of the game. PlanetQuest is revolutionizing digital asset ownership by allowing you to truly own your in-game discoveries as NFTs. But the best part about PlanetQuest? It will be completely free-to-play and available in your browser.

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