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Outland Odyssey

Developer:Project Seed
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What is Outland Odyssey?

Outland Odyssey offers real role-playing experience, co-op multiplayer adventures, tournament battles, and guild wars with your mates. Players can create their own Dungeon, tame Zeds, complete quests, and collect rare NFT assets. More games of Path of Avoria and Seed of Destiny will be released in the future. Project Seed is also collaborating with other game studios to implement Play-to-Earn Economics and Blockchain Technology into their games and launch them in their ecosystem.

Players can go on adventures and find Zeds they can tame and they can spawn the main Zed out of three that they chose to bring along in the adventure. In order to catch the Zed, players should not defeat the Zed. Zed may run away if the player is unsuccessful in capturing it and will drop loot items if the player defeats it. Defeated Zeds’ loot items can be used to craft armors and weapons. Zeds and loot drops will be determined by how much the player is willing to stake their tokens.

Besides the single-player story mode, players are able to play the story together with 3 other players. There will be special quests where players have to play together with their friends only to fight the bigger and harder mythical Zeds.

Players are also able to enter tournaments to beat other players and to show off what Zeds and armor they have. Tournaments are divided into solo or team players, and the winner of the tournament will win cash prizes distributed in $SHILL tokens into their wallets.

Guilds can enter tournaments to battle with other guilds for rewards. It could be solo or team battles, where players have to be in the same guild to build a team. There will also be special co-op events to defeat Zeds that are unbeatable if playing solo.

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