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Developer:Element 115
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What is Moonray?

Moonray is a 3rd-person action RPG set in a surreal sci-fi world. Players explore a beautiful and deadly landscape on a quest to recover the sacred element and regain control of the planet. Featuring a world-class soundtrack by renowned producer Ten Walls and incredible story by comic artist virtuoso Grim Wilkins, Moonray is a stunning journey with intense combat and an unforgettable style.

Upgrade abilities, weapons and skills to survive the brutal onslaught of the cult. Fight through large, open spaces and tight, intricate corridors in a titanic struggle to recover the sacred element miium. Moonray is coming to Steam in 2022.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Moonray have a multiplayer component?

    The developers would like to add co-op to the game at some point, but it will depend on their ability to raise funds and sell copies during the Early Access period. For the time being, this is a single player game only.

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