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Kingdom Karnage

Genre:Trading Card Games
Platforms:Android, Linux, Web Browser, Windows
Token:$ENJ, $JENJ, $KKT
Developer:Kepithor Studios
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What is Kingdom Karnage?

Kingdom Karnage (KK) is a cross-platform virtual Trading Card Game available to play on PC and Android (Apple coming soon). All assets in the game can be withdrawn as tokenised FTs/NFTs and are infused with Enjin Cryptocurrency. KK is now fully on Enjin’s Jumpnet which means there are no gas costs at all.

Each player builds a deck of up to 30 cards from varying rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary) which you take into battle. The aim of each battle to reduce the enemy hero’s health to zero before he manages to deplete your hero.


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