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Myōbu: Project Hikari

Genre:Trading Card Games
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain
Developer:Myōbu Team
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What is Myōbu: Project Hikari?

The team behind Myōbu is promoting a whole eco-system of upcoming GameFi applications that promise to let users engage in Play-to-Earn activities in various ways, ranging from a web browser-based GameFi platform to immersive gaming experiences. In the Trading Card Game (TCG) Hikari, you take on the role of a supplicant to the spirit world, providing offerings and summoning ever increasingly powerful Kistune to tap the power held therein.

Hikari is a 2-player duel, racing each other to earn points. When you earn enough points through activation of your kitsune, you defeat your opponent and win. Higher ranking players will be required to earn more points to claim victory, so players at varying levels can duel fairly. During the gameplay, players can utilize different strategies and card types to e.g. hinder their opponent’s plans or focus on accelerating their own plans.

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