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Journey to Moonray

Genre:Twin-Stick Shooter Games
Developer:Element 115
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What is Journey to Moonray?

Journey to Moonray is a hypnotic, top-down twin-stick shooter featuring silky smooth visual FX and intense combat. Diving into the same universe as the upcoming Souls-like hack-and-slash Moonray, Journey to Moonray takes players on a voyage through the astral fluid on the way to the planet It-Ao.

Dash through 35+ gorgeous dynamic levels and watch enemies, bosses, bullets, and bombs all disturb the cosmic liquids of the hyperspace battlefield to create a striking visual treat. Plunge into wave after wave of enemies amidst 700 high-tech fluid shaders and unlock the ability to customize the space shooter with your favorite liquid looks. Journey to Moonray is coming to Steam in the Fall of 2021 and will allow players to familiarize themselves with the Moonray universe until the main game’s launch in 2022.


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