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Illuvium: Zero

Genre:Farming Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Blockchain:Immutable X
Token:$ILV, $sILV
Developer:Illuvium DAO
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What is Illuvium: Zero?

Illuvium: Zero is a mini-game which was proposed by the Illuvium Game Development team and will have a smaller scope than the main game Illuvium, and exist in the City Building genre. The eventual goal is to have the mini-game interface with the main Illuvium game, for the purposes of revenue distribution and NFT creation.

This 3D isometric city building game will be developed using Unity3d. Regular updates will be provided to the community, including proof of concept and a non-blockchain-linked version for the App Store and Google Play Store. Integration with Illuvium via solidity contracts will be implemented before the final release.

Few NFT gaming projects have thus far created truly compelling use cases for land. While Illuvium: Zero still has room to grow with new features expected to be added over time, the underlying concept of a fun building game that ties directly to revenue distribution—and gives players agency in a dynamic that transcends beyond a single gaming experience—is an exciting prospect.

Illuvium: Zero also acts as an interesting proof of concept to integrate multiple games from the same shared universe. The project will effectively gamify staking in a novel and exciting way, that can lead to significant interest in the protocol, as well as the possibility of a large boost to revenue distribution for staked token holders.

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