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Crypto Brawlers

Genre:Trading Card Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Developer:Crypto Brawlers Team
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What is Crypto Brawlers?

Don’t just collect and trade brawlers like some common cat, compete with them! The stakes are high: lose the fight and lose your brawler. However the rewards are just as sweet, win the brawl and receive the defeated fighter as the spoils of war!

Develop your own strategy to succeed in the arena. Higher speed will allow you a higher chance to hit your opponent first, while strength ends the fight sooner with harder hitting power. You will have to find out what combination works best for you.

    – Each brawler is a transferrable ERC721 token on the Ethereum network
    – Each brawler has a rarity class. Find a legendary and it’s truly one of a kind
    – A higher speed gives your brawler a greater chance of landing their attack first
    – Strength determines how powerful your brawler’s attacks are. Finish the fight quicker!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can fight someone in the arena?

    Any of your brawlers that are NOT in the arena or up for sale with equal to or lower stats than the brawler you are challenging.

  • What happens to my brawler if he loses a fight?

    Your brawler won’t be happy about suffering a humiliating defeat and will seek out better management by joining the roster of whoever challenged him to a fight. You will therefore lose them permanently!

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