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City States: Medieval

Genre:Strategy Games
Platforms:Android, iOS, Windows
Blockchain:Stellar Network
Token:$CSM, $HEX
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What is City States: Medieval?

City States: Medieval is a cross-platform, empire-building MMO currently in development for mobile (tablet/smartphone) and desktop computers. Resources in the game are issued as real-world assets on the Stellar Network. Players trade resources on a global exchange with each other instead of the engine or prices made up by the developers.

The global market is balanced by real supply and demand of all players not some made up algorithm. Changing the output of your City State by gathering, crafting resources that are in high demand or simply trading smart can yield profit on the marketplace.

Profits can then be turned into actual currency and requested to be paid out. Payments will initially be possible via crypto (BTC, ETH, XLM etc). We are also exploring traditional payment processors like Paypal, Venmo, Banktransfer or the exchange into gift cards.


City States: Medieval Cryptocurrency Price Chart

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