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Somnium Space

Platforms:Oculus Quest, Web Browser, Windows
Blockchain:Ethereum, Polygon
Token:$CUBE, $ETH
Developer:Somnium Space Team
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What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is an Open, Social and Persistent Virtual Reality world. A world that will be shaped and built entirely by users. Users will be able to buy virtual land and build almost anything they envision e.g. Marketplaces, Games, Cinemas, Parks, Schools and much more. Imagination is the only limit!

A world which is fully interconnected and seamless. It will be accessible from any device whether it be in 2D / VR modes on a user’s Desktop or Mobile VR mode – enjoy the same universe from anywhere you go.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can users benefit from buying virtual land?

    Besides entertainment and socializing there are thousands of business ideas that can be pursued in Somnium Space, some of them already created by our fist backers, but many many more news ones that will pop up. We are publishing an economy paper soon with detailed description, but for now those are some actual use cases:
    - Developers can sell tokenized digital assets and avatars
    - Streamers can have their virtual studio inside Somnium Space
    - Content creators can showcase their virtual experiences and monetize them companies can create their store presence inside Somnium Space
    - Gaming developers can put short demos (or whole games/experiences) into Somnium Space and monetize it.
    - Universities can offer their courses and experiences such as our fully immersive Planetarium.
    - Creators can build anything and upload it via Somnium Unity SDK
    - Entrepreneurs can build and sell digital or IRL goods and offer services
    - Artists can showcase their creations from sculptures to 2D and 3D paintings
    - NFT collectors can present their collection on their land and trade among each other (from Cryptokitties to F1® Delta Time)

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