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Ether Legends

Genre:Trading Card Games
Platforms:Android, iOS
Blockchain:Ethereum, Polygon
Developer:Elementeum Games
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What is Ether Legends?

Ether Legends TCG is an artful, lighthearted NFT blockchain collectible trading card game, powered by Enjin, Polygon and the Ethereum Network. Play to Earn! Blockchain NFT Collectible Trading Card Game where you can collect NFT characters and companions. Battle, play and earn in the Ether Legends Arena PvP TCG.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is required to play the Ether Legends digital trading card game?

    Beyond the digital game demo tutorial, 3 digital token character cards are required to unlock and explore all game features in the digital trading card game.

  • How do I get Ether Legends trading cards?

    A limited amount of tokenized digital character and companion trading cards are available on the Ether Legends shop, or if you already have a digital wallet and some ETH, head to the SkyBox, Opensea, or the Enjin Marketplace. COMING SOON! Tokenized character assets are soon to be available on Enjin's Jumpnet, Matic and additionally, non-blockchain assets will be preloaded to give everyone an opportunity to play and try out the Ether Legends Trading Card Game. Currently, you must own 3 NFT character cards to play.

  • Do I need Ethereum, Elementeum or Enjin to play?

    No however, holding various assets will unlock in-game features or Blockchain rewards. ETH is required to make any Blockchain transaction on the ETH Network, MATIC is required on the MATIC Network and JENJ is required on Enjin's Jumpnet Network. You can purchase and own Ether Legends NFT's (Characters) on any or all of the networks mentioned above. Enjin wrote an amazing article on the use-case specifically to Blockchain Trading Card Games.

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