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Drunken Dragon: Inns & Quests

Genre:Management Games
Platforms:Web Browser
Developer:Drunken Dragon Games
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What is Drunken Dragon: Inns & Quests?

Drunken Dragon: Inns & Quest will be a game about owning and managing an Inn & Tavern. You will choose a name to be remembered and start collecting. You will be able to collect furniture of deep fantasy, which expands and gives functionality to your establishment, and adventurers of rich character who will live at the Inn and drink, sleep, celebrate, and take on an adventure when townsfolk arrive offering quests!

When questing, you will have to choose an adequate party to send into the adventure. Adventuring will take hours, days or weeks! for travelling will take real-time. Adventurers will be exposed to exhaustion, limited rations, and fear; therefore, stopping at other player’s Inns and consuming their goods might be a good idea.

An adventure means risk and danger! The fear level of your adventurers will tell you how much risk you are taking on each step of the travel, and their lives are in jeopardy if you are too audacious. Your adventurers might die in a world with perma-death and a limited amount of adventurers per collection.

When your adventurers die, your blockchain collectable will be burned. But, in exchange, you will receive a tombstone featuring the same art. Still, you will only be able to place it on your Inn as a ghost and will not be able to go into quests anymore.

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