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Coin Hunt World

Genre:Location-based Games
Platforms:Android, iOS
Token:$BTC, $ETH
Developer:Titanium Toaster
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What is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World (CHW) is a free-to-play/play-to-earn mobile Geo-location game currently in Beta on iOS and fully released on Android. Players explore their real-world area searching for keys, which are then used to open vaults. When a vault is opened the user is prompted with a trivia question. If answered correctly within the given time limit, the user is rewarded.

Currently users are rewarded in real Bitcoin or Ethereum, as well as in-game items such as cubies, and resources. The game is currently available in the US and Canada with plans to expand its supported regions as early as summer 2021. iOS users living in other countries have access to a daily trivia question while awaiting release.


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