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9Lives Arena

Blockchain:Enjin, Ethereum
Token:$ENJ, $ETH
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What is 9Lives Arena?

9lives Arena is a competitive online RPG focused on skill based one versus one PvP featuring permadeath, persistent progression, resource gathering, item crafting and the world’s first online/offline companion, Ooogy, that works for you 24/7.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Permadeath work and what is the persistent progression?

    You can fight as often as you like in the Training Arena to level up, win resources and Blueprints and practice your strategies and reflexes. Get Used to timing and switch out spells and abilities until you find your personal playstyle. You do not lose lives in the training arena. When you are ready to bring your skills to the test and fight for a spot on the leaderboards you start fighting in the Inferno Arena where victories count and where a loss means the loss of a life! When a character finally dies forever, he will turn into a statue. The top 3 of your player statues will permanently be on display in your Training Arena for other players to see. While all items that your hero had equipped are gone with him, anything stored in your bank box is persistent across your account. All blueprints you won are persistent too, so are all spells and abilities that you have previously unlocked. The new hero you start will already have a full bank to pick and choose items from.

  • How does combat work?

    Combat is skill based and performed in real time. How you fight highly depends on how you have initially built our character (spell, abilities, item strategy on top) and how you have leveled them up. Your focus might be on mobility, survivability, range combat, stealth, etc. You can create any type of character for example: Mage, Rogue or DPS build. How you build your character is up to you and that’s what will make your fighting different.

  • What is an Ooogy?

    Ooogies are very special in many ways. They are the world's first cross platform companions and sit at the heart of Touchhour’s cross platform experience combining 9Lives Arena on PC and consoles with the My Ooogy App on mobile (iOS and Android) that is currently in development. Think of an Ooogy as a tamagotchi on steroids. They work for you even while you are offline. Hate grinding? Don’t worry, 9Lives Arena is the first game featuring a unique companion named ‘Ooogy’, your personal little helper that mines, gathers resources and crafts for you whether you are online or offline. Interacting with Ooogy happens not only by playing 9LA on PC or console but also by reaching out to him wherever you are in real life through the My Ooogy App on mobile. Command your companion by using your mobile phone (My Ooogy App) to prepare you for the next match when you are back in front of your PC. Ooogies are minted out of Enjin and can be levelled up and traded. There is a massive gene pool with over 3 Trillion different looking Ooogies that consist of a pool of common genes as well as up to 12 royal genes.

  • When is 9Lives Arena coming out?

    9Lives Arena is an online game currently in closed alpha which will then lead to open alpha, then beta and eventually full release. As an online game it will keep getting updates and evolve post release. You can still join the closed alpha right now through the purchase of Founder Pack 3 to 7. Founder Pack 7 is currently the cheapest option to join the closed alpha. For more information head to our shop.

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